Mansi Kabra

Mansi Kabra

March 08th, 2019 3 min read

Why Celebrate Women Today?

It’s impossible. To celebrate all women around the world, in just one day.

But it’s possible. To highlight some of their stories, every now and then, share what an arduous journey it has been.

This International Women’s Day, Good Business Lab wants to highlight the power of investing in female labor force, especially in the growing garment industry and share why we must celebrate the spirit of women today.

If our last post didn’t convey enough, most garment industries in the developing world, are run by women tailors, throned on the shop floors. They have powered through since the inception of this industry, and most likely will be at it, till the ebb of dawn. Needless to say, the journey traversed has been marked by trying times in a world that is only now learning to respect the “other” gender. It has been anything but easy.

Traveling thousands of kilometers for work and migrating from the safety of their home towns, these women have shown utmost courage in the face of a scary, scary world (you know it too). The courage to experiment, learn and give themselves a chance to turn the table, and often be the sole breadwinner in their family, we feel, marks the humble beginnings of a changing time.

Today, we want to take a moment to acknowledge all of this.

Having conducted all kinds of research in the garment industry for almost 5 years now (and going), we have explored the depth and breadth of issues that plague, and opportunities that continue to liberate women in this industry. And that’s why we feel celebrations are in order. Our research makes us optimistic about the future, sometimes beyond what data reveals. If you know anything about quantitative research and researchers, we are talking of some solid optimism here!

Reducing facts to figures comes easy to us, but reducing admiration to words, not quite. And so in spirit of acknowledging the ability of different art forms to communicate what often words (and numbers) can’t, we want to fill the gaps left by spaces, through a series of videos. Consider this our contribution to the International Women’s Day celebration.

What story do these videos tell?

These videos show a snippet of our research and the learnings that followed. They bring to you a story of one of the largest fashion brands in the world reaching out to one of the largest garment exporters in India, to train its female garment workers in soft skills.

What were these workers like?

What did they learn?

How did they change their lives and those of others around them?

And why should that matter to you?

Dive in to take a peek into the non-zero sum game of a more empowered workforce, a more profitable firm, and a new way of doing business - one that helps unleash the potential of female labor.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

If you’re still wondering why should we celebrate women today, well, the answer is straightforward — simply because we are too busy to celebrate them every other day. A reminder in the form of a day and continued celebration for some more - is a good start. Cheers!

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