Annual Report 2021-22

Good Business Lab represents a shift in the way organizations understand the value of their employees. Engage with our vision of making the business case for worker wellbeing.

Our commitment to the work we do is driven by a shared passion for taking worker wellbeing beyond compliance and into the heart of business strategies. At GBL, we follow a culture handbook that serves as a guide on how we approach internal worker wellbeing. Our organizational values strive to create and sustain a culture of care, communication, and collaboration. They are evidence of our commitment to a work environment that is productive, meaningful, and lively.

We live out our values and ensure worker wellbeing translates to internal operations at GBL. 

  • We have instituted one of our research projects, the Buddy System, within GBL as well; wherein new GBL team members are paired with a person who has been a part of the GBL team for longer and can help make the transition smoother by being their first office Buddy!
  • Our organizational wellbeing budget offers curated events to enhance team members’ holistic health. 
  • The employee-specific budgets are tailored for each team member to support their own mental and physical health growth. They receive a well-being budget to help prioritize their holistic health, wherein they can claim reimbursement for therapy/yoga/home office set up, subscription for mindfulness apps. apps - anything they can reasonably argue improves their physical or mental health. Team members also receive individual training and development budgets to help grow their professional skills. 
  • Along with growth, restful nourishment is critical to productivity and wellbeing. We have devised various policies through which we empower team members to rest.
  • We have instituted a one-day leave which empowers verticals to take a mandatory off on any one day every month. GBL also encourages team members to individually select two mandated one-week breaks every summer and winter.
  • Parallelly, GBL believes in creating a work environment that prioritizes individual growth with full transparency and accountability. GBL uses a 360 review framework and has devised detailed employee growth paths. At every stage, our promotion and appraisal processes remain accountable to all team members by ensuring decisions are fair, equitable, and transparent across teams. 
  • We are a diverse team of people who care about creating a world where all workers in low-income contexts are treated fairly, and at the same time, ensure our team members lead a fulfilling life while driving this change. GBL actively engages in geography-specific affirmative action policies such as reservations for internships for marginalized communities across our offices in India.

You can find our hiring needs below. As our commitment to our vision of transforming labor conditions globally continues to expand, so does our team. Join us to take worker wellbeing beyond the scope of compliance and into the heart of business strategies. Don’t worry if you don’t “check” all the boxes, have had breaks in your career, or have followed a “non-linear” career path. We believe everyone brings something different to the team. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities are what make GBL a thriving and innovative organization.  

GBL is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to caste, race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or genetic information. GBL is committed to providing access, equal opportunity, and reasonable accommodation for individuals with disabilities in employment, its services, programs, and activities. To request a reasonable accommodation, please let us know in your application or email us at


This role will focus on market intelligence and developing expertise on our TG, users, and competition. Your key responsibilities will include researching, identifying, and defining a buyer's journey, streamlining impactful content creation process - written, visual, audio, and interactive content, working on multichannel content distribution strategy, and running planned marketing A/B experiments. You will also be measuring and reporting the performance of all marketing campaigns and activities, assessing against goals (ROI and OKRs), and coordinating with the Product, Sales, and Design teams to work towards achieving OKRs (no. of Leads generated, Conversion, etc).

Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Ventures Manager will be a part of GBL Ventures, a unit of GBL, which develops innovative, user-centered workplace technologies (e.g. in HR technology, Financial technology) for the labor-intensive manufacturing sector. They will work with leadership to set and align strategic priorities within Ventures and provide strategic leadership through direct and indirect reporting relationships for project teams. Other key responsibilities will include creating and executing business development strategies, resource planning, and managing relationships with partners and customers.


This position will have you work work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager and other field staff to help implement various projects. Key Responsibilities include conducting and coordinating field surveys and making regular field visits (can be to rural areas), coordinating with the Organizational Development (OD) team at Shahi and the research, work with the field team on preparatory work for the upcoming projects, maintain and track field reports in google documents and spreadsheets.

Research Managers at GBL work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, the data manager(s), and other field staff to help implement various projects. They typically manage up to 2-3 projects and mentor 3-5 Research Associates. Other responsibilities include setting priorities for projects in consultation with researchers, maintaining clear communication between researchers and GBL staff, clarifying expectations, anticipating challenges to research projects, and working with researchers to address them.

The Field Associate will work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager and other field staff to help implement various projects. They will also be responsible for hiring and managing the new team members.

The enumerators will work closely with the field and research team to help implement various projects. They will manage and coordinate the surveys in and around Bangalore. Apart from conducting day-to-day surveys, the key responsibilities of an enumerator will include digitizing data, updating tracking sheets, and building a professional relationship with their survey units and the GBL team.


The Associate will work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, and other research staff to help implement various projects. The work would involve developing Research strategies; sampling methods and design; data collection methods; data analysis; use of software packages in qualitative and quantitative research. Key responsibilities include designing and piloting survey instruments, training enumerators, monitoring data quality and ensuring that problems with data are resolved promptly, identifying potential threats to research design, proposing solutions and escalating as needed to researchers, and conducting secondary research and literature reviews among other things.

The Senior Software Engineer will assist and guide development efforts across several software applications. We use multiple technologies across different products, such as AWS (DynamoDB, Lambda, SES/SNS, Cognito), NodeJS, ReactJS, Python, Angular, Django, and Android among others.

The role will support the Funding Team to maintain central financial and administrative records. This role will work closely with GBL’s Finance Managers to ensure that the teams have the required up-to-date tools to carry out their functions and ensure that GBL Management receives the most accurate and detailed financial information.

The role will support the Funding & Finance Teams to maintain central control and oversee all pre/post-award and funder contract management at GBL. This will involve maintaining financial and administrative records, details of reporting requirements, and coordinating to ensure that all funder requirements and deadlines are adhered to. This role will coordinate across verticals to ensure that all the right information is brought together to meet all reporting requirements.
GBL team group photo