Beyond COVID-19: How the manufacturing industry should prepare

We use research to find that sweet spot where worker wellbeing and business interests intersect. Our shared vision of making this a norm brings us all together.

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic and the evolving global situation, all our employees are mandatorily working from home and there is a blanket travel ban across the organization. Employees can seek free health consultations for themselves and their families through Ekincare. We’re also exploring digital team-building activities to stay motivated and connected with each other. We are happy to share our insights on what’s working and what’s not with anyone who reaches out. We have asked all our employees to prioritize their mental and physical health above everything else at this time. That means deadlines have been relaxed, and more frequent check-ins with managers are being organised--to balance organizational needs related to productivity and performance with the long-term wellbeing of the GBL family.

We’re happy to make open source our internal resource with a validated list of therapists and counsellors (many of whom are offering services for free or at a subsidized rate) in India.

Last, there are some urgent hiring needs which you can find below. Through all this uncertainty and turbulence, we are pushing forward with new Covid-related research in addition to our current projects.

New Delhi

The Associate will work closely with the Marketing and Partnerships teams to build an outreach strategy. Key duties include conducting background research on organizations for potential partnerships (for projects and otherwise); creating content, disseminating and adapting it for different media, as required; monitoring documentation across internal and external GBL projects; devising a strategy for, and maintaining all online platforms (social media handles, etc.) + strategizing on marketing campaigns; online brand/relationship building by interacting with our audience on SM platforms etc; utilizing data analytics of various platforms to inform marketing strategy


Good Business Lab has an opportunity for a Research Consultant to join our team in Bengaluru. The Research Coordinator/Consultant will work with Research Managers and Associates to help implement various projects. Key responsibilities of this role include assisting in designing questionnaires, digitizing survey instruments, piloting them, suggesting necessary modifications, and getting the translations in place, conducting orientation workshops for the surveyors, onboarding them into the project, and providing logistical support.

GBL’s Design Associate will be responsible for developing design-led programs with existing and new stakeholders around GBL’s key research areas. The role will require imaginative, entrepreneurial, and collaborative talent to identify design directions that meet research standards in an evidence-based research ecosystem.

This position will have you work work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager and other field staff to help implement various projects. Key Responsibilities include conducting and coordinating field surveys and making regular field visits (can be to rural areas), coordinating with the Organizational Development (OD) team at Shahi and the research, work with the field team on preparatory work for the upcoming projects, maintain and track field reports in google documents and spreadsheets.
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