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We use research to find that sweet spot where worker wellbeing and business interests intersect. Our shared vision of making this a norm brings us all together.

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the evolving global situation, we are trying our best to provide wellbeing support to our employees. We’re also exploring digital team-building activities to stay motivated and connected with each other. We are happy to share our insights on what’s working and what’s not with anyone who reaches out. We have asked all our employees to prioritize their mental and physical health. That means deadlines have been relaxed where possible, and more frequent check-ins with managers are being organized--to balance organizational needs related to productivity and performance with the long-term wellbeing of the GBL family.

We’re happy to make open-source our internal resource with a validated internal resource on validated therapists and counselors (many of whom are offering services for free or at a subsidized rate for online consultations) in India. We've also included anti-caste, queer-friendly, disabled-friendly mental health care service links. We hope this helps our wider community.

Last, there are some urgent hiring needs which you can find below. Through all this uncertainty and turbulence, we are more motivated than ever before about our work. The pandemic has highlighted, loud and clear, that companies need to start taking care of and investing in the wellbeing of their workforce.


This position will have you work work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager and other field staff to help implement various projects. Key Responsibilities include conducting and coordinating field surveys and making regular field visits (can be to rural areas), coordinating with the Organizational Development (OD) team at Shahi and the research, work with the field team on preparatory work for the upcoming projects, maintain and track field reports in google documents and spreadsheets.

The Field Associate will work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager and other field staff to help implement various projects. They will also be responsible for hiring and managing the new team members.

Medellín, Colombia

Research Managers at GBL work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, data manager, and other field staff to help implement various projects. Going forward, projects include looking at the effect of managerial training on firm productivity in the quick-service restaurant industry, the effect of marketplace and pricing structures on consumers’ benefits and choice to use online versus in-person shopping in the food retail industry, as well as the impact of new product introduction on production dynamics in the automotive industry.

The Research Associate will work closely with academic researchers, the research implementation team, and other research staff to help implement various projects. Key responsibilities include designing survey instruments and ensuring that the survey is being conducted properly, monitoring data quality and ensuring that problems with data are resolved promptly and identifying potential threats to research design, proposing solutions, and escalating as needed to researchers among others.

Flexible: Delhi/Bengaluru/Remote

The Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) will be responsible for developing new intrapreneurial opportunities and expanding existing opportunities. They should be a highly motivated, driven individual who is willing to learn the ropes of our operations- everything from research, design, product, operations, and growth. They must be willing to get their hands dirty.

The Research Ethics Coordinator will oversee all operations of the GBL Institutional Review Board (IRB). The GBL IRB is an independent board of external experts who review protocols for human subjects research to ensure the protection of study subjects. The Coordinator will manage IRB submission, review, and clearance of study protocols, and will coordinate a team of research associates in processing submissions to the IRB.

We are looking for a People Ops Consultant who has advanced-level proficiency in written and spoken Spanish to help set up our new Latin America office. You'll lead efforts to ensure the smooth implementation of all projects by meeting the hiring, management, and organizational culture needs with ample support from our India People Operations team. This is a part-time India-based role requiring a commitment of six months (15-20 hours a week) with a possibility of extension and converting to a full-time contract.

The Finance Operations Assistant/Associate will work closely with the Funding & Finance Manager, the Funding Team, and across all GBL Verticals to support the implementation of our Finance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Key responsibilities include supporting with financial reporting, monitoring systems, and identifying new solutions and points of improvement.

The Funding Associate will build and manage a robust funding partner pipeline through background research to secure new funding partner organizations. The role will be involved in preparing and presenting pitches, networking, maintaining relationships, and collaborating with internal teams to pursue CSR and other fundraising opportunities while also supporting grant applications and proposals.

We’re seeking an experienced product manager to join our team and help us build various tech solutions, including an anonymized communication tool for workers and managers in manufacturing. The communication tool will enable workers to communicate their suggestions and grievances with managers and enable managers to listen and respond.

We’re seeking an experienced staff full-stack web engineer to join our team and help us build various tech solutions for the garment manufacturing sector. A few problems we are working on are: improving managerial quality, improving communication between workers and managers, tracking migrant job progress, tackling job search frictions in the US labor market, among others!
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