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Team GBL

Team GBL

June 14th, 2023

Blog Series: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for India’s Development Sector

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for India’s Development Sector is a blog series that seeks to build on the rich discussions and learnings from the #DEIforDevelopment Forum conducted on 20th March, 2023. With Chatham House rules and the participation of 15+ prominent development sector organizations in India, this multi-stakeholder dialogue examined questions around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within India’s development sector. What does DEI really mean? What more can we do?

Each blog in this series will explore a key question or theme that was discussed in the forum with the aim of drawing on learnings and experiences we have had as an organization. Starting with understanding the role of unconscious bias and its manifestation at work, we will then move on to examining what intentional, inclusive, and equitable hiring and growth practices can look like. Furthermore, we will also delve into how leadership shapes DEI policy & practice while inquiring into how technology can also play a role. We believe that DEI needs to be consistent and intentional in thought and in practice. Through this series, we hope to continue an ongoing conversation that will lead to tangible change at a larger scale. 

Blog 1: Understanding Unconscious Bias: Is the Development Sector Free From It?

Blog 2: Intentional, inclusive and equitable hiring and growth practices

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