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Team GBL

Team GBL

July 21st, 2023

Decoding Labor Challenges in an Evolving Global Supply Chain

GBL Ventures is thrilled to kick off our #BridgeToAction series with our inaugural event: "Decoding Labor Challenges in an Evolving Global Supply Chain." We've lined up an impressive roster of expert speakers who are excited to share their insights with you and they represent some of the most notable firms in manufacturing and related sectors. These include Texport - one of India's leading garment producer and exporter, Schneider Electric - a global energy solution powerhouse and AMS Technologies - one of the country's largest manufacturing service providers. You will have the opportunity to interact with:

  • Maj Gen VG Ramakrishnan (Retd), VP, People Management at Texport Industries Pvt Ltd
  • Kanishka Negi, Sustainable Procurement Director at Schneider Electric
  • Nagarajan Chandru, Head of Sales at AMS Technologies

Date and Time: 3rd of August, 2023, at 5 pm IST

Join us as we delve into the intricate challenges that manufacturers are grappling with today - from high turnover rates and low productivity to labor shortages and the migration of capital, among other issues. More importantly, our speakers will illuminate how businesses can navigate and overcome these hurdles, fostering a proactive and resilient workforce.

This is not just a webinar! It's a call to action for anyone interested in global supply chains, sustainability, responsible business practices, manufacturing, ESG, and labor management. Now, more than ever, it's time for us to unite and work towards innovative solutions to the pressing issues we face.We want to hear from YOU. 

Share your experiences of navigating the supply chain amidst these challenging times. Let's build upon these insights, learn from one another, and craft a better tomorrow together.

Set a reminder for the 3rd of August, 2023, at 5 pm IST, as we come together in this engaging virtual session. Join us in shaping the narrative, catalyzing change, and moving towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

Register now at 


Kanishk Negi, Sustainable Procurement Director, Schneider Electric

Kanishk, is an acclaimed leader in sustainability and supply chain management. His pioneering initiatives, such as The Zero Carbon Project, have garnered global recognition, including the prestigious World Sustainability Award. His former roles include leading ABB Ltd's supplier sustainability program and consulting at Ernst & Young, solidifying his reputation as a sustainability expert. Recognitions like the Supply Chain Sustainability Leader by the Institute of Supply Chain Management and the 40under40 Super Achiever award attest to his impact. In addition, Kanishk contributes to academia, such as advocating for sustainability in business education at the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs.

Maj Gen Ramakrishnan (Retd), VP of People Management, Texport Industries Pvt Ltd

Maj Gen Ramakrishnan (Retd), the VP of People Management at Texport Industries Pvt Ltd, applies over four decades of military service and strategic business development experience to his leadership role. His focus is on sustainable HR solutions for the garment manufacturing sector. With a solid academic foundation from Osmania University, IIT Delhi, and MDI Gurgaon, he brings well-rounded dynamism to his role. His invaluable insights into labor management transformation in the global supply chain underscore his commitment to strategic growth and sustainable practices.

Nagarajan Chandru, Head of Sales, AMS Technologies

Nagarajan is a distinguished leader in the renewable energy manufacturing sector, bringing in an exceptional blend of sales, procurement, and supply chain management skills. His business acumen has led to a phenomenal achievement of 100 million in sales over the past five years, driving considerable business growth. At AMS Technologies, Nagarajan's strategic foresight has been a game-changer. He has played a pivotal role in expanding the company's international reach, broadening its global footprint. Nagarajan's remarkable understanding of global market dynamics and proven ability to drive sales growth cements his status as a frontrunner in the renewable energy manufacturing sector.

Mamta Pimoli, Associate Director - Ventures, Good Business Lab

With an enriching five years of experience across various facets of the development sector, Mamta stands as an inspiring leader in the field. She has demonstrated expertise in program implementation, building strategic partnerships, fundraising, and conducting meaningful research. At Good Business Lab, she has played a pivotal role in improving worker well-being and driving positive business outcomes, showcasing a deep commitment to addressing labor challenges. Her current position as the Associate Director (Ventures) at GBL further underscores her innovative approach. Here, she leads the charge in initiating a technological transformation to resolve workplace issues, particularly those affecting low-income, underserviced workers.

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