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Team GBL

Team GBL

March 20th, 2019

gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2019

Challenges and opportunities of undertaking M&E of development programs in the private sector

We hosted a webinar to highlight the need and benefit of undertaking M&E of development programs in the private sector. Amidst participants from CSR professionals, business leaders, other research organizations and the general public - we shared results from an impact evaluation study we conducted in the garment sector, discussed what this evidence could mean for the future of this industry and heard from private sector professionals on the importance of funding such M&E. In all this, participants learnt and discussed how decision making with respect to investment in development programs in the private sector can be guided better through M&E.


  • Sadish Dhakal, Data & Policy Manager, GBL: He covered the differential opportunities in the private sector to conduct M&E.
  • Smit Gade, Data & Research Manager, GBL: He shed light on the importance of leveraging data systems in factories to conduct M&E.
  • Laura Quinn, Sustainability Communications and Partnerships Advisor, Shahi Exports: She covered the importance of M&E for India's biggest apparel export house.
  • Roxanne O'Connell, Program Manager, Humanity United: She underlined how crucial is it to invest in M&E as part of funding on ground programs.

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