Annual Report 2021-22
Team GBL

Team GBL

February 15th, 2022

OECD 2022 forum GBL side session

GBL partnered with NEST to organize a side-session at the OECD Forum on due diligence in the garment and footwear supply chain. Our co-founder, Anant Nyshadham, joined the discussion focused on transparency as a tool for worker voice, wellbeing, and gender inclusion.  

The panel addressed the challenges workers face at multiple levels of the supply chain and presented effective solutions to improve worker wellbeing and engagement. 

Drawing insights from his own decade’s worth of work and GBL-conducted experiments, Anant N highlighted how introducing digital worker voice tools with some added features showed that the current grievance redressal systems are lacking. The digital tool had a profound impact on the workers’ perception of the workplace and the management and ultimately improved the productivity and retention of the workers among several other benefits. Digital tools not only ensure true anonymity better but also increase access to the grievance redressal system even outside the workplace. 

You can read more about our trial of the digital worker voice tool here!  


  • Dr. Anant Nyshadham, Co-Founder, Good Business Lab
  • Chithra Prasad, General Manager, Organizational Development, Shahi Exports
  • Sara Otto, Senior Director, Compliance and European Lead, Nest 
  • Adrian Sherman, Vice President, The Children’s Place

Listen to their conversation below!

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