Media Mentions

The hidden productivity benefits of energy-saving technology: Evidence from LEDs in Indian factories

By VoxEU / 27-Aug-2016

Innovations in energy efficiency have been cited as a primary means to curb the acceleration of climate change. Despite this promise, energy-efficient technologies are consistently adopted at low rates.


The Light and the Heat: Can Energy Saving Technology Also Boost Productivity?

By Vanguard Energy / 15-Dec-2015

Michigan Ross Professor Achyuta Adhvaryu shows that looking only at energy savings doesn’t give the full picture. One of the less-studied effects of global warming is the effect on industrial workers. There’s a direct correlation between high temperatures and lower productivity.


How pollution can affect productivity

By World Economic Forum / 27-Jul-2015

In a nice, recent paper Achyuta Adhvaryu, Namrata Kala, and Anant Nyshadham take a look at how air pollution hurts productivity and what effect, if any, managers can have in mitigating these effects.


LED lighting "boosts garment factory productivity"

By JustStyle / 11-Nov-2014

The investigation of 25 garment factories in Bangalore, India between 2010 and 2013 found that, because LEDs create less heat than traditional lights, they help keep the factory floor cooler, boosting worker productivity and reducing absenteeism.


Green technology in India increases profits productivity: study

By Business Standard / 30-Oct-2014

A Michigan University study of 25 garment factories in Bangalore has shown that green technology saves energy, boosts profits and productivity in industrial units.