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Open discussions, knowledge sharing and inviting alternative perspectives is a core element of our mission of making research accessible. Shared below is a catalogue of webinars we have organized over the years to achieve the same.

gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2021

June 2021

We joined the 2021 gLocal Evaluation week to share insights from two projects we carried out over the past year with migrant workers, who were one of the worst-hit groups during the COVID-19 national lockdown in India.   


  • Karan Nagpal, IDinsight, presented the research design and evaluation of a study on increasing the use of digital payment applications among the female migrant population.
  • Smit Gade, Good Business Lab, presented key findings from the study on increasing the use of digital payment applications among female migrant workers and also talked about the scale up of the (Mis)Information and Anxiety study.
  • Saswati Mishra, Good Business Lab, presented the design and evaluation of the RCT on Misinformation and Anxiety around COVID-19 amongst the migrant population.


gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2020

June 2020

After months and months of research, collaboration, implementation, evaluation, highs, lows and ultimately, progress, we were thrilled to openly discuss our mission to drive a cultural change in the garment manufacturing industry, by giving workers a voice through the use of technology.⁠ In this 2-part series, we share some exciting insights collected over the course of this journey.


Worker Voice:

  • Smit Gade, Good Business Lab, shared the academic evidence on the value of “voice” in a work setting and the design research of the evaluation.
  • Elena Fanjul Debnam, Labor Solutions. She spoke more about the design and the philosophy behind developing a tool and how it has enabled both businesses and workers.
  • Gauri Sharma, Shahi Exports, shared the implementation journey of the tool and the learnings from the experience.

Going Beyond Research:

  • Ach AdvaryuGood Business Lab. He spoke about the importance of worker voice platforms given the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and workers. He spoke about the evaluation of Inache tool. 
  • Anant NyshadhamGood Business Lab. He spoke about the future of such worker voice tools and how they are relevant and can be scaled-up in other labor intensive contexts.
  • Arvind PatilGood Business Lab. He spoke about the design journey of Inache and the qualitative research that went into designing and developing the tool.
  • Chitra Ramdas, Shahi Exports. She spoke of the implementation and training processes followed at Shahi to increase take-up of the tool by both managers and workers. 


Mind Sperm Lecture Series

May 2020

Of the many industries that have been impacted due to COVID-19, the manufacturing sector has had to experience the most global standstill. In the 9th lecture of MindSperms Virtual Lecture Series, GBL CEO and co-founder Anant Ahuja discusses the Pandemic’s impact on manufacturing sector (specifically garment manufacturing), the steps being taken as factories are reopening and GBL's guidelines to the manufacturing sector.


What The Health

October 2019

Focus on mental health is a recent phenomenon, and people talking about it, even more. But do businesses realize what investing in the health of their workforce entails? Tune in as we talk about the importance of mental health of employees, and the taboos and stigma attached to it.


  • Andelyn Russell, PhD Candidate, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. She spoke about 'Buddy System', a research study that seeks to explore the impact of reducing loneliness among female migrant workers.
  • Prerna Bhagi, Protection manager, ACTED. She shared her work in Libya and how mental health situates itself in the humanitarian response sector. 
  • Jaclyn Schess, Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Michigan and also the Founder and President of Generation Mental Health. She shed light on her qualitative study on alcohol dependency and economic outcomes, linking it to other mental distress stressors and their cure (or lack thereof).
  • Rhea Yadav, Consultant, Dalberg. She covered a recent study conducted by Dalberg to understand the prevalence and drivers of the mental wellbeing of development sector professionals.



June 2019

As part of the gLOCAL Evaluation Week, convened by the CLEAR Initiative, organized to support the exchange of M&E knowledge and evidence-based decision making, and strengthen development outcomes at local and global levels. The webinar delivered a unique insight into evidence based policy making in the private sector.


  • Sadish Dhakal, Data & Policy Manager, GBL: He covered the differential opportunities in the private sector to conduct M&E.
  • Smit Gade, Data & Research Manager, GBL: He shed light on the importance of leveraging data systems in factories to conduct M&E.
  • Laura Quinn, Sustainability Communications and Partnerships Advisor, Shahi Exports: She covered the importance of M&E for India's biggest apparel export house.
  • Roxanne O'Connell, Program Manager, Humanity United: She underlined how crucial is it to invest in M&E as part of funding on ground programs.