Annual Report 2021-22

GBL Podcast: What About Work?

The impact of labor research on our economy is not easy to measure. Research in this field has played a critical role in untangling various epochs of economic transformation, we now understand labor under various modes of production be it feudalism, the industrial era, or even the rich body of research emerging from the unfurling gig economy, better than we ever did. However, labor research has often been critiqued for its inaccessibility to a wider audience. Good Business Lab (GBL) hopes to change this!

With our podcast What About Work?, we hope to revitalize the role of labor research in policy and business strategy as well as inform conversations. The podcast addresses the experiences, both past and present, of workers in labor-intensive industries and other emerging sectors. Each episode will feature academics, workers (of all levels), external stakeholders, and independent researchers discussing their latest research and deconstructing global economic trends from their various standpoints of expertise.

What About Work? is available on several digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and CastBox and is free to use for broadcasters, educators and institutions.