A Two-way,
Multilingual Communication Tool

A modern HR communications platform that unifies every aspect of operations, from engagement to support to actionable data.

Purpose-built for productive operations

Digital grievance management

All cases are recorded and managed digitally in one place

Blazing fast integration

Log cases received via other communication channels & transferred to the dashboard

SMS & voice call 24x7

Accessible to workers at any time of the day

Reporting dashboard

Seamless real-time data by factory, region, type of cases, resolution & more

Plenty of ways to connect with workers and automate the processes


Request early access

Inache is currently on exclusive release for enterprises with large operations, and multiple production units situated across India. If you are interested in knowing more, please get in touch.


Line Worker

“I gave a call to Inache number and explained my requirement of extra trolley in the dispatch department. The very next day, HR came to my section and took feedback regarding our needs and immediately addressed the required arrangements. I wholeheartedly thank Shahi and Inache for addressing this issue quickly. It has benefited my colleagues as well.”

Human Resource Manager

“Inache is a tool which integrates into existing channels of grievance-management communication while creating more transparency. The data is recorded digitally, and the management can clearly see what are the issues and take steps to resolve them timely."

GBL Partners

The Research behind INACHE

Over the last five years, we have rigorously evaluated the importance of voice among workers. Our data show that traditional communication channels such as suggestion boxes and helplines are generally not trusted and used infrequently by workers, often due to fear of retaliation. These channels also fail to bring transparency and accountability to the grievance resolution process.

Hence, we designed a low technology solution in response to the lack of an effective, transparent, and trusted medium of communication for workers.